Our Impact

To date, ZEPARI has conducted commissioned research assignments for the Ministry of Finance and Economic development, Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion; Ministry of Small-Medium Scale Enterprises; Ministry of Mining and Mining Development, Ministry of Industry and Commerce; Ministry of Women Affairs Gender and Community Development and Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development , Parliament of Zimbabwe; the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO); UNDP; UNICEF; Institute for Democracy in Southern Africa (IDASA); Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Secretariat; Business Council of Zimbabwe; Poverty Reduction Forum, Zimbabwe Women’s Resource Centre and Network; Women Alliance Business Association of Zimbabwe, among others.

ZEPARI has also organized and sponsored several research dissemination workshops including its 1st International Economic Conference in October 2006 running under the theme, “Economic Policy Management in a Globalizing World: The Case of Zimbabwe.”  The Conference was attended by State and non-state stakeholders that included the President’s Office, Government Ministries, international organizations, the private sector and regional and local universities. This event provided an opportunity to identify and discuss policy options that would enable Zimbabwe to address the economic challenges bedevilling the country.

In August 2012, ZEPARI, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the World Bank, successfully hosted a High Level Economic Forum at Elephant Hills Hotel in Victoria Falls. The Economic Forum was held under the theme “Unleashing Zimbabwe’s Growth Potential. Deliberations at the conference focused on how the country can resolve the debt overhang, unlocking new financing and investments. Presentations were made by leading experts from the academia, business, and civil society organizations, regional and international organizations. The workshop was graced by senior government officials among them, the late Prime Minister Hon M. Tsvangirai, Deputy Prime Minister Hon T. Khupe and the Minister of Finance Hon T. Biti.

Further, in December 2012, ZEPARI in collaborations with the World Bank and the Ministry of Economic Planning and Investment Promotion, held a High Level Technical Dialogue on Growth focusing on the Agriculture, Mining and Manufacturing sectors. The Forum ran under the theme “From Economic Rebound to Broad-based Sustained Growth”.  This was followed by the High Level Policy Dialogue on Doing Business in Zimbabwe that was held in April 2013.

ZEPARI has also established an extensive institutional network through participating as resources persons/facilitators and/or participants in workshops and conferences organized by other institutions within the country and the region.

In 2015, under the UNDP project, ZEPARI produced a consolidated report for the Ministry of Women Affairs, Gender and Community Development taking into account various GEPMI reports that were produced under the programme since 2011. ZEPARI further developed a Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Framework for Engendering Government Policies to provide a tracking system for which the Ministry can evaluate the pace and progress at which gender policies and strategies are being implemented in the public sector in Zimbabwe.

In 2015 ZEPARI was a key member of the technical team on Macroeconomic Analysis Cluster which evaluated the fiscal and monetary reforms and aid coordination sub-clusters of Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-economic Transformation (ZimASSET).